New Feature : Going forward, all your points accumulated from various banking channels will be merged under your Bank Customer ID (CIF). To know your CIF, please refer to your State Bank Passbook or visit your home branch.

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You earn 1 Reward Point for every Rs.200 spent with your State Bank Debit Card. Also, there is a large Max Get More network partner brands where State Bank Rewardz members earn EXTRA Reward Points for swiping their State Bank Debit Cards

Bonus Points:

Activation Bonus:

Use your Debit Card to make the first purchase within a month of issuance of the Debit Card, you will earn 50 bonus Reward points. For the second transaction within the same month of issuance of the Debit Card, you will earn additional 50 Reward Points. For the third transaction within the same month of issuance of your debit card, you will earn additional 100 Reward Points! So if you make 3 transactions within a month of getting your debit card then you earn 200 bonus Reward Points (50 + 50 + 100 Reward Points).

Quarterly Transaction Bonus Points:

After the first month of getting your card, if you do minimum of 3 transactions every quarter using your debit card then, the Reward Points that you earned in that quarter will be doubled for Classic/Silver/Gold/Other Debit Cards and the points will triple for Platinum Cardholders. So if you carry out 4 transactions worth Rs.2,000/- in one calendar quarter then you get 20 Reward Points instead of 10 Reward Points if you have a Classic/Silver/Gold or Other Debit Cards and you get 30 Reward Points if you have a Platinum Card.

*This program is applicable for all customers of State Bank Group (SBI and Associate Banks of State Bank Group)